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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 4, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." a gruesome discovery in an overnight fire in baltimore and i am linda so. what firefighters found after putting out the flames. controversy at a high school sporting event. i am sherrie johnson live in perry hall. i will have all new details coming up. i am corinne redman live in parkville. why credit unions are all excited over national transfer day. that story just ahead. it's friday, november 4th, good morning. i am charley crowson a live look across the inner harbor where today the pride of baltimore 2 is is coming back into port around 4:30. check it out for the weekend. how is the weather going to be? let's get an answer for that from meteorologist justin berk. >> something sweet in the view did you see it? domino sugar. >> thanks for playing along.
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>> hey a couple minutes we have more coming up from columbia and we will show outwinners from our wind for change visit yesterday and thunder hill elementary school. 49 in annapolis and really not much of a spread across the area. in fact, fairly uniformed withlow end westminster and the high end in annapolis at 49. fairly uniformed morning for most us. it's cloudy and cool but actually mild compared to the thick frost that we had to deal with earlier in the week. rain to our south. low pressure system sitting about there. look at heavy rain pushing into eastern virginia and look at it trying to tournament corner. last couple frames i this wie may mike it up to calvert -- we may make it up to calvert and this is what we have been talking about all morning. a distinct cut off of the precipitation. but it's cloudy start for us. but we will look at some of the sun breaking back out. by midday, could get a few peeks of sun at 54. more of that sun this afternoon up to about 58. we will talk about the cool
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weekend and daylight savings time coming to an end. but it's good thing. >> reporter: that's a good thing. i can't wait for that to happen. we still have a road closure in carroll county due to an overturned tractor trailer. this is a live look at the southwest side of the beltway at frederick road. steady flow in both directions. no issues to report. all of your lanes are are open. looking at the key bridge actually near the key bridge, traffic is knoll freely. -- flowing freely. this is southbound traffic. no issues to report here. normal drive times. 59 out of white marsh 6 minutes. traveling the northwest side and the west side of the beltway, on the outer loop from 795 to 70, we will take you about 7 minutes. charley. new this morning, firefighters make a startling discovery after a home fire that happened on the 5300 block of elmer. that's in northwest baltimore. near west belvedere and linda so is in studio with what
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firefighters found overnight. lind ooh. >> reporter: -- linda. >> reporter: they found the body inside the garage. we are waiting to hear back from the fire tonight see if they identified -- fire department to see if they identified the body. this is all new video from the scene. the fire broke out just after 9 last night in a garage behind the vacant house at 5313 elmer avenue. it didn't take long to extinguish the flames. once they did, they found the body. now we put a call into the fire department this morning to find out if investigators have identified that body and if there are -- if they are any closer to knowing how the fire got started. linda so, abc2 news. crews are trying to determine what caused a two alarm fire in harford county. we learned that one person is listed in serious condition and no word yet on the second victim. the fire broke out last night on green lane in fallston and two people were rescued from the basement. we have new information on the controversy of a soccer dance at perry hall that forced a team to cansel the rest of
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the season. -- cancel the rest of the season. sherrie johnson is live with the update and new info. >> reporter: that's right. we have new information. the perry hall varsity soccer team was supposed to play the semifinal regional game today against james hubert blake but school officials forfeited the game after allegations of taunting. this stems from a dance called the bernie which came from the movie weekend at bernie's. you've seen ravens player terrell suggs do it on the field. varsity soccer team did the victory dance after they beat due lanny. the school principal thought it was taunting the other team and ended the season. now according to other published reports, principal george roberts spent 8 hours on wednesday talking to players and coaches about this incident. he said the best course of action was to terminate the rest of the season. the principal says yes, terrell suggs and ray rice can do the dance because they are professional athletes but these are high school athletes we are
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talking about and there's a difference. players right now are devastated. >> i rather go out and lose 15- 0 in the semifinals than have it end like that by a principal. >> reporter: now school officials say they received several e-mails from family members of due lanny players saying that -- dulaney players saying the players from perry hall ran across to their side and did the bernie dance and they said not only that but they had lewd and disgusting behaviors. according to the baltimore sun some players pointed to their private parts and that's when parents said that was disgusting and that can't be tolerated. perry hall players say they were merely celebrating. all new this morning, it's a chance to take a look at perry hall high school's website. the mission statement says they want students to embrace personal integrity and mutual respect to be members of global society. school official say this is a tough lesson learned but they say they need students to learn how to win. reporting live in perry hall,
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we want to know what you think about this. is the bernie dance offensive and did the school react or overreact with the suspension of the rest of the season. the comments on this morning at the wmar facebook fan page. we want to know what you think. it's not too late to join the conversation. get in and get involved and we would love to hear what you have to say. just no obscene dances. this morning police are working to figure out what led to a stabbing inside a school on edgewood street in west baltimore. police say a 10th grader was stabbed inside a stairwell. that person was taken to sinai hospital and listed in stable condition. city school police have a 14- year-old in custody and they are investigating the matter. the corruption case against maryland senator currie is in the hand of a juriy. prosecutors said he was paid more than 245 dollars --,000 dollars to do favors for -- 245,000 dollars to do favors for shoppers food warehouse.
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he was indicted last year. this morning, the occupy baltimore protesters are still without power. the city unplugged them from the camp wednesday night around 5:00 with the group remains peaceful. no signs of violence or an outcry that we have seen from the occupy protest in other cities. abc2 news went down to see how the protesters are fairing so far. >> when you are an activist like this, it is in your core and you are not going to back down from -- you can bring a far light. who cares we don't have power, so what. go out in snow, rain fleet and we are like the post office nothing stops us. >> the mayor's office turned off the power at the site because they didn't have a permit to use the city outlets which by the way you as taxpayers fund. officials insist they don't want to see violence downtown and there are no plans to force the protesters to leave. when it comes to bringing in the bucks, the grand prix fell short of what was expected but still considered a win for
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the city of baltimore a study released today says the race generated more than 27 1/2 million dollars in spending and says the total economic impact is going to be somewhere near 47 million dollars. the baltimore racing development estimated the event would draw 70 million to the economy for the city and state and 119 million in redirected orindirect revenue. and some have backed off the plans to raise the fees big banks have but some customers say whether it's an increase or not they have had enough with the banking system. abc2's corinne redman is standing by live with details of what's being planned for a big event this weekend. corinne. >> reporter: yeah, actually national transfer day is tomorrow november 5th. but we are here at destinations credit union where they expect a big surge in business due to national transfer day. joining me live is roxanne mill here is you are the ceo of united maryland employees federal credit union right. >> correct. >> reporter: what's the difference between the big
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banks and credit unions. >> it's cooperate movement. you are an owner. you are not just a depositor. a lot of time when i do orientation i ask who runs a financial institution and they are clueless and i said are you a credit union member? you own a financial institution. >> reporter: many people may be confused about how to find a credit union that fits them. sometimes they are associated with their work or military you know or state college. how does someone find a credit union that fits their needs. >> there's a great website called what's in it for it can give them all the information they need to know, how they can join a credit union, who the affiliateed from or with, and how they are able to actually become part of the credit union cooperative movement. >> reporter: what kind of response have you heard as part of national transfer day? has the response been really good about tomorrow? >> i think people are starting to take notice of opportunities that they have with credit unions to be able to save
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money. according to the maryland dc credit union association, the credit unions in the state of maryland have saved families over 200 million dollars in the last year. so i think that is better in their pockets than in the big banks deposits and in their pockets. so i think our credit union is definitely an opportunity for people to be able to save money. >> reporter: so it sound like a good deal. all right. national transfer day is tomorrow november 5th and places credit unions just like this one destination will be open for business tomorrow and they will have extra staff on hand to help all the customers who are looking to transfer. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. if you are changeed to your desk you may want to move around. it could save your life. why there's concern for those who sit for long periods of time. also new developments this morning in the murders of a maryland mother and her 11-year- old son. police say they are building a strong case.
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what they found this far. and mother nature ruined travel plans for many from the rare october snowstorm. but one airline says it is going to make good with the customers what they have planned coming up. a live look at traffic. the friday commute getting underway. tanya isl let you know what -- will let you know what you have in store as you make your way out. that's a live look at interchange near exit 24. you are watching "good morning maryland." we are back in a bit. good morning. the g-20 summit wrapping up today. debt crisis in greece is the main subject of talks so far. greek prime minister decided against a popular vote on a rescue plan. investors have been waiting for today on the ipo groupon. stocks of the daily deals website begins trading at 20 bucks a share and it put the value at $13 billion and it's been a controversial ipo process. there was a lot more demand than supply for the stock. and a sign employer confidence is stronger a report find 3 out of 4 employers are
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back to manufacturing 401ks. -- matching 401ks. many suspend the program. expect fewer air travelers over thanksgiving but don't expect empty seats as airlines have reduced the number of flights. and that is america's money. i am rob nelson.
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i've seen this while grocery shosmght customers opening a canned -- shopping. customers opening a candy bar a pregnant honolulu woman was arrest and 2-year-old taken away after eating a sandwich but forgetting to pay. the store is not pressing charges. but the store sparked -- story sparked a national debate. is it okay to eat in the store
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before paying? log onto wmar facebook fan paining and take part in our poll. -- page and take part in our poll. we hear about babies being expensive and the big expense is with diapers. what if and we mean what if, you could potty train your infant right away. some parents are doing and there are critics as you can imagine. megan pringle explains what all this is about and that smile is because you are going to announce this is how you are going to handle the twins. >> reporter: i don't think so. this sound like a lot of work and i am not sold on the idea. but basically it's all about doing away with the diapers and going straight for the toilet. and i know the idea sounds a little out there, but more and more parents are doing it. we will show you pictures of what we are talking about. it's called elimination communication. and basically here's how it works. another name is also natural infant hygiene. and parents start potty training the baby as early as a
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few weeks old. parents use elimination communication and they believe the baby has a natural awareness of the bodily function and know how to communicate their needs so all tough do is is pick up on their cues and know when to take them to the bathroom. they say the practice saves money and helps the environment but parents believe it's another way to bond with your child because you are keeping a closer eye on them. there are websites out there that support this and there are aton of groups google elimination communication one is diaper free more and more parents are doing it. i am not sure it's the way i would do it but you never know there. are critics who say it is really -- crit -- critics who say it's unreal -- critics who say it's unrealistic to expect a baby to communicate this but there are critics but there are a lot of supporters. >> it's not just mom stories you have something coming up tonight at 11. >> reporter: i have been doing stories from home editing from home and sending them back to
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the station and one that's airing tonight is interesting. it's about the society that we live in we are consuming so much and more and more families are cutting back saying less is more. you go into a child's room and there's toys everywhere. more and more families are getting rid of all the that clutter and they are finding that this allows them to have more time to family bond and spend time with their kids instead of a kid playing with thousands of toys and encourages creativity. we will hear from support groups out there to basically get rid of of the clutter -- of the clutter. >> she has stories tonight 569 and 11. and you -- tonight at 6 and 11 and you want to tune in have a good weekend. >> see yoi on monday. >> time for a -- see you on monday. time for the a check of the forecast a great weekend. a lot of people will watch football but will we be okay to get outside for a while sm. >> we will be fine.
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-- while? >> we will be fine. we had a great time yesterday. we spoke to the third grade. what you are seeing is par tis and in the wind for change contest. we measure how fast they can blow the wind and raise money and raised over $500 for the cool kids campaign learning center. i want to say good morning to mary joe standing next to me. and lea who helped me out with the audio and principal and jane in the end. i posted video on the wind for change facebook page of her testing her wind blowing skills. that was entertaining. by the way, winners yesterday we have got the top wind spieled phillip 35 miles per hour from a third grader is impressive. a solid nor'easter. and courtney one of the volunteers during the demonstration and she help raise $79 by herself. fantastic. great time by everybody. we are looking forward to a good day. we are trying to work on this mary joe wrote and said yeah, we need to get a weather station at thunder hill. think having the name thunder
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hill on the board daily would be a good time. but across columbia oakland mills 44 and 47 in phelps luck and howard county at 49a five degree spread in columbia itself. rainfall to the south. there's the storm passing to the south. and we should stay rain free but rain clipping southern maryland and essentially that's the case if you travel cambridge to salisbury you may get wet this morning and we clear out. and we are up to 58 and we should get afternoon clearing and a cloudy start to clear skies give us back to freezing overnight near 40 by the bay and weekend outlook will be chilly below normal about 8 to 10 below normal at 53 tomorrow. lows near below freezing and 56 sunday and it's sunny and you will enjoy it and sunday night the ravens take on the steelers and take it down the steelers in their house. heinz field will be covered with mustard all over right? we will look at temperatures in the 60s next week. >> reporter: and any team that calls itself a steelers don't know about that. we have a broken down car reported on i-97 at benfield
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boulevard. looking live at the traffic cameras, we are starting to get volume on the outer loop near 795 make your way past old court road towards liberty road. it is moving. we are not stop and go just yet. 95 north of white marsh,oncoming traffic is northbound. traffic moving away from the camera is southbound. no backups here as of yet. we have an accident 95 south at 279. drive times are okay 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway is 5 minutes. top side bel air to providence on the outer loop is 6 minutes for you. charley. news time 6:20 and this morning's health alert you have another reason to be more active. a study suggest sitting too long could increase your risk of cancer. the canadian researcher looked at data on physical activity in the u.s. and statistics for cancer. she found regular physical activity cut the person's risk of breast cancer and colon cancer by up to 30%. ahead this morning, amazing
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video you have to see. by the looks of this police in brazil will do anything to make an arrest. what they say about the tactic caught on camera. this surveillance video showed a man stealing whatever he can including a unique set of wheels. we will explain what happened next when "good morning maryland" continues on this friday, november 4th. a live look at i-97. [ female announcer ] ornaments are not for decorating. dad. did you know it's 22 days, 11 hours and 2 minutes to christmas? [ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. [ female announcer ] they're for building excitement for christmas. 12 days, 18 hours... come on. it's no days! [ female announcer ] the hallmark countdown to christmas ornament. 5 hours and 59 minutes and 41... 40...39... 38...37...36...
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all right this is our video of the day. comes from brazil where police they don't play when it comes to catching smugglers. look at a brazilian federal police agent crashes his squad car into an airplane to keep that plane which was filled with notebooks and electronics surveillance equipment from taking off. in all, 5 people were arrested and that plane has a history of drug trafficking as well. a situation now getting worse in thailand. flood waters reached the
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central edge of bangkok and threatening the subway system. water is now 15 inches deep. flooding started in late july killed almost 450 people. news time 6:24. live pictures from mecca saudi arabia this morning. muslims from around the globe descend on the holy city he had a hft of the pilgrimage with prayers to the peaceful resolution to uprises in the arab world. 2 1/2 million people reck expected to take part in the -- expected to take part in the five-day convenient. it focus on mecca islam's holiest city and birthplace of the prophet muhammad. time for democracy 2012 and new details from herman cain and his ongoing controversy qee. hear from one of the women accuse -- controversy. we could hear from one of the women acuing the presidential candidate in the 1990s. her lawyer will contact national restaurant association asking if that woman can give her side of the story.
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cain supporters are firing back now there's new ad saying the sexual harassment charges are racially motivated. >> we are getting the high tech lynching of a beautiful man herman cain. >> ad closes with racially charged moment from the clarence thomas trial 20 years ago. one man is now a million dollars richer but it happened by mistake. now he says fate has played a role in his new found forture. and one man hold agnew record but when you see the -- holding a new record but when you see the video, you are going to laugh or you are going to say, is this for real? an incredible stunt that got the guy in the record books when "good morning america" continues on this friday november 4th.
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you watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." [audio not understandable] [ inaudible ] >> a woman and her son. >> new information and reaction to the murders of a mother and her 11-year-old son. the key piece of evidence allowing police to charge a suspect in both murders. and he was college


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